2020 Ferrari F80 Design, Interior, Engine, Review And Date

2020 Ferrari F80 Design, Interior, Engine, Review And Date – Created by Italian developer brand Adriano Raeli, the actual Ferrari F80 hypercar idea previews what is a successor for the pre-existing LaFerrari.

2020 Ferrari F80 Design


Just like the Enzo in addition to LaFerrari, it might comply with, the F80 makes use of quite a few of the same design and style cues such as a well-defined nostrils location and a long, strong rear.

2020 Ferrari F80 Interior


Underneath the hood, Adriano desires Ferrari to decline a displacement some from your V12 at this time uncovered in the LaFerrari, to your two-turbo hybrid V8 employing Ferrari’s KERS modern technology. But significantly less displacement fails to imply a lot less potential Sponsored Backlinks.

2020 Ferrari F80 Engine


2020 Ferrari F80 Review And Date Alterations Kind Type

A hypothetical 1,200 horsepower will emerge from the following Prancing Pony, creating a -62 mph period of only 2.2 seconds, and a top-rated velocity of 310 miles per hour.

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